About Me

Hello, Friends!

I recently decided to take on the task of blogging in hopes that my adventures, successes, shortcomings, failures, and general ramblings may inspire others.

I consider myself to be a relatively ordinary person, but I also know we are all in this life together. I just want to use mine to the best of my ability to make a difference.

I am a foodie. I love to eat just about anything and make a good attempt to try any local place I come upon. I am an adventurer. I love to travel and explore new places. I was raised to love beautiful things, and I try to find beauty in everything. I am a gym goer. I am working on my health and happiness through fitness, food, and spirit. I am a therapist. It is my passion in life to help others, and I try to use what I know and learn in my work. I am a mental health advocate. You will hear my ramblings on the importance of self care. I am a daughter and caregiver. Moving home after my mom’s health worsened is one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of my life.

I am me, and I want to build a community to raise each other up. I hope to use this blog to do just that. Fell free to say hi and find me on social media.