Anxiety: Wearing the Shorts


Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.

– Deepak Chopra

Hello Friends,

I am sure a good portion of you have read the Facebook post about wearing the shorts. I too found it to be very inspiring, so much so, that I wore the shorts. In its great underlying meaning, it discussed not letting anything hold you back from living your life. Don’t let what people think about you stop you from enjoying the moment. This is wonderful but also may be a bit problematic for some.

I guess I should back up.

I don’t wear shorts. I really mean, that unless I am dying of heat, I don’t wear shorts. I used to. I did it all the time in college. I loved my shorts and was so happy to wear them. However, as time pressed on and things widened, I stopped. I did not find joy in a simple pair of shorts – I found anxiety. Did I know it was silly: yes. Was I overreacting: yes. Could I just have worn the silly shorts: also, yes.

I let my fear hold me back. To be honest, it took me months after reading that post to wear the silly shorts. I even say this as a confident person. I know who I am, and I love myself. Yet, this did not stop me from worrying about someone seeing my well rounded, pale pasty, poofy legs. How could they not judge me, I asked.

Then it hit me. I had to try. I had been working up to this for a long time. No one judged me and my life went on seamlessly as though wearing a pair of shorts was an everyday thing for me. The world did not crash and no one had their eye sockets burst into flames. I got back into by car from running my errands – I survived and was fine. I excepted my legs for what they are now, for they have been nothing but good to me. Yes, I am working hard to change them, but I still choose to love them now too.

If this is something that makes you a bit nervous but something you want to do, I encourage you to start small and try. I hope you can work through your fears and move forward. Work your way up to it, but wear the shorts. I promise no one is looking to judge and if they are, they really don’t matter.

To the person who wrote the post – Thank you!

Love, Mariah Kate

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