The Friendship of a Mother: Thank You

“There is nothing in the world of art like the songs mother used to sing.”

– Billy Sunday

Hello Friends,

Let me first start by saying, it’s been a while. I know, but you see, things have been a bit crazy. I wanted to take a second not to really go into grave detail about life, love, or the pursuit of happiness, but to thank the woman who helped me to be me.

I have been blessed by God in one of the greatest ways imaginable. I am blessed with a mother who loves me to the fullest extent of her abilities. The friendship of a mother is irreplaceable, because if they love you unconditionally, they will always be in your corner. I know that so many people do not share the same experience that I do with my mother, and that is why I consider myself blessed.

My mom was and is the first person I want to tell about my day, complain to, and eat chips in bed at the end of the day with. She is the person that through college I could always cuddle up next to and still do on hard days. She is the person who first believed in me and still does. She is the only person I tell all my goals and dreams to. She never looks at me like I’m crazy for dreaming. She gives me advice. She is always honest with me. I know that I can always trust her.

Dear Mom, thank you for:

  • Always believing in me
  • Giving me a love for red lipstick
  • Reminding me of my worth
  • Telling me that my dreams are possible
  • Giving me advice
  • Loving and supporting me
  • Spending time with me and traveling to see me
  • Putting me first
  • Driving me many around for a long time
  • Staying up late snacking and watching my favorites
  • Teaching me values
  • Feeding all the pets I said I would and never did
  • Keeping my house plants alive
  • Always being up for an adventure
  • Teaching me to love nature and animals
  • Showing me the value of hard work

Thank you for everything. Honestly, saying that I am blessed is an understatement. I am honored to be your daughter and friend. They say that the people you are around influence who you become, and you impacted me in the best of ways.

I love you!


Mariah Kate

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