How to Succeed: A Trust Issue

“Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life; it’s about what you inspire others to do.”

— Unknown

Hello Friends,

For those who don’t know me, or only know me a little, you have most likely not noticed one important detail about me. I don’t trust other people. Sure, I do the friendly thing. I talk and make small conversation, but very few people know that much about me.

Last year, I had an amazing women, boss, and coworker who come to me and asked a simple question. She said, “Do you trust me?” Of course I said yes. However, later that night I came to a realization. I did not trust her, not really. What was worse is the fact that I did not know how to.

So many times in our careers, we are not taught how to ask for what we need in a work place. We are under the assumption that if we ask for help or are confused we are unsuccessful or incompetent. At least, this was my thoughts. I thought that if I was hired for a job I should be prepared to complete every part of that job to perfection with minimal instruction and no questions. For six years into my professional career, I was able to be successful doing just that. However, I finally faced something I did not understand. I did not have everything I needed, but I did not ask for help. This was my weakness and downfall for a while.

I now believe that we as people rarely succeed on our own. It sometimes takes a small army to pull off a task (even if they just give us advise or encourage us). I did not think I would need to learn to be trusting. I did not think it would happen in the work place. It took a strong person with a patient heart to teach me. It was not easy. I often found myself sitting for an extended time before I was even able to ask what I needed, but I got there. I learned a lot about myself in the process (I pride myself on being a self aware human).

When I learned to be open about my struggles, I became a better worker, person, and friend. When I went into my new job, trust is what I strived for. I put myself out there. I got to know the amazing people I work with. I try to be transparent about my life, thoughts, and work. Trusting those around me, especially those I work with, was the hardest and most needed lesson I learned. It challenged me and pushed me. It has also served me well. This may be easy for others but not for me.

If you take one thing away from this, I hope you learn to trust some of the good people around you. Talk more with new people, your coworkers, and your boss. You may just be surprised and find some amazing friends. I am grateful that God has placed people like this in my life. We should seek a community of people to build us up. If you don’t place trust in those around you, how can they place trust in you?

Growth can only happen if you allow it.

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